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Battery Storage System CB1266F

- CB1266F
Battery Storage System CB1266F

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Battery Storage System CB1266F
Battery Storage System CB1266F
Battery Storage System CB1266F
Battery Storage System CB1266F

Battery Storage System CB1266F

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Key Features


FSP Configurable Battery (CB) series adopt highly reliable Large Format Lithium Iron-Phosphate (2,000 life cycles) battery cells or Industrial Standard Lithium-Ion battery cells (700 life cycles). FSP CB Series are installed Battery Management System (BMS) of self-developed and can meet different needs for energy capacity, cost, and life cycle in domestic and industrial applications.
Easy configurations of battery systems of 12v or 24v voltage multiples.
Parallel battery branches for higher system currents.
Minimal lead time for establishing a new battery system.
Capable of configuring high voltage (up to 400v+) and/or high current (up to 264a+) battery systems.
Built-in thermal management.
Real time monitoring of cell voltages, branch currents, and cell temperatures via Rs485 Bus.
Extended availability thru parallel battery branches with independent branch controls.
Stable & reliable name-brand battery cells from fully automatic production lines.


FSP Configurable Batteries
CB Series use FSP advanced BMS to enhance system performance, prolong life, and warrant safety. FSP BMS also constructed in modular form for flexible and easy configuration of larger battery systems. Three types of modules exists as below.BM, Battery Module: consists of battery cells and control portion of BMS. 
IM, Integrated Module: consists of battery cells and both control and power portions of BMS. 
PM, Power Module: consists of no battery cells but the control and power portions of BMS for high power battery systems.To facilitate uses with different battery cells or battery packs in different form factors preferred by customers the BMS for the IM, BM and PM are also available to the customers without the cases and battery cells.


Model CB1266F#
Dimensions(Lx W x H) 285 x 168 x 175 mm
Battery Protections Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, Over-Temperature, Under-Temperature, Over-Current, Short-Circuit
Communication Bus RS485, other (RS232, CAN-bus, Ethernet, USB) Optical
Parameters for Monitoring Voltages, Temperature, Currents, Capacity
Environment IPx3, RoHS
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